We love to trade vinyl records, so basically any item in Vinyltribes shop is for trade if you come up with the rigth stuff, specially for items in our wanted list.

please specify your wishes, your items for trade, and  values, quality and pressing to avoid endless writing back and forth, and email  with this info to us.

We only trade for items at least in EX/EX conditions.

We grade visually and always conservatively… we expect the same thing when you sell/ trade items with us .

We are always happy to accept records in trade towards future purchases.

Your wants list :

Wants lists are always welcomed, preferably priced and with relevant info. We work very hard to help you to fill your wants asap.

Please get in touch, email

Our wanted list :

No want list for now...we are always open to your suggestions... only originals at least in EX condition!!!